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Eaglet spotted on Minnesota DNR's EagleCam

Watch the eagles live in their nest and you may get a peek at the newest and fuzziest member of the family.
Credit: Minnesota DNR
The new eaglet peeks out on the Minnesota DNR's EagleCam.

Need a distraction from the news? Let's face it, most of us do.

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has just the ticket. The agency's beloved EagleCam is up and running, and on Tuesday, the DNR announced that they have finally spotted an eaglet there!

The parents have been perching so tightly on three eggs that it's been difficult to get a peek, according to the DNR's online updates. 

"We are looking for a pip (a small hole in the shell) to appear on the eggs," they said on Sunday. "We have confirmed a pip on one of the eggs in the nest. ... We are anxiously anticipating little fuzzy, wobbly heads any day now!"

Then on Tuesday, the DNR announced that they've spotted the first little eaglet.

Over 35 days of incubation the DNR says they haven't seen the parents leave the nest for more than a few minutes at a time.

For anyone who needs a mental break or something to do while confined at home, the DNR EagleCam provides a fascinating escape. 

You can also watch clips of the first eggs being laid, and then the third. Learn more about the EagleCam, and the birds it watches, here.

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