Boaters, get ready for your lives to speed up a bit: The high water declaration for Lake Minnetonka has been terminated.

The announcement was made Wednesday, June 12 by the Lake Minnetonka Conservation District (LMCD) and is effective immediately following three consecutive days with lake water levels below 930 feet.

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Although a no-wake order has been rescinded, the LMCD reminds boaters that while standard speed limits and minimum wake zones are now in effect, water levels remain higher than normal and shoreline erosion is a concern. 

"People should be aware that they may not operate a watercraft in a manner that its wake endangers or unnecessarily interferes with another person’s property," reads a released statement from the LMCD. "Reducing speeds and taking extra precautions is important in protecting the Lake, structures, and all those who enjoy it."

Since May 30 boaters have been under a no wake declaration on Minnetonka, Medicine, Independence, Crystal, Twin and other lakes, meaning watercraft cannot go faster than 5 miles-per-hour or create more than a minimum wake within 600 feet of shore..

Precipitation levels and lake measurements indicate this is the third wettest start to a year the Twin Cities area has experienced since recording began in 1871.