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Fireball captured streaking across the Minnesota sky

KARE 11 viewers sent in video clips from doorbell cams that captured the bright flash of light early Sunday morning.

NEW BRIGHTON, Minnesota — It was a brilliant weekend of weather to celebrate moms across Minnesota, but there was something else that shone bright after the sun went down. 

A number of KARE 11 viewers sent in video clips from their doorbell and security cameras showing a bright ball streaking across the sky about 3 a.m. Sunday. Those clips came in from New Brighton, Prior Lake, Oakdale and a lake out in Cokato. 

A number of reports of potential meteor sightings were made from Minnesota and Wisconsin on the American Meteor Society webpage.

KARE 11 meteorologist Laura Betker says the bright, streaking images are likely from a meteor, also referred to as a fireball. She expects that will be verified at some point Monday. 

Laura also shares this nugget of information: Meteors burn up in the atmosphere, while meteorites make it all the way to the earth. She says it doesn't take a very big piece of space rock to create a large amount of light in the sky. 

Did your camera capture the Sunday morning meteor? If so, share it with us via our Facebook page or the KARE 11 app