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Police officers free deer trapped in Wisconsin nursing home

The deer had crashed through a window, was scared and couldn't find her way out.
Credit: Wausau PD Facebook page

WAUSAU, Wis. — Visiting policies at nursing homes have been relaxed as the COVID pandemic is brought more and more under control, but that doesn't mean everyone is welcome. 

Any critter, anyway. 

Police in Wausau, Wisconsin were called to a local nursing home recently after a deer came crashing through a window and couldn't find her way out. The doe was obviously scared, and although she had suffered a few cuts from the glass seemed to be in OK condition. 

Body cameras were rolling as three officers entered the nursing home and walked to where the doe was. All of a sudden she came scrambling around the corner, hooves slipping on the tiled floor while running directly towards the officers. As with any encounter with wildlife, there was significant danger that either humans or the animal could have been injured. 

On the department's Facebook page it is noted that officer Aaron Karlen, a former college and Canadian professional football standout, wrapped his arms around the deer and with the help of his colleagues was able to walk her to a side door and send the scared creature back out into the wild. 

"Seeing as how Officer Karlen led a previous life as an elite football athlete, we'll give the nod to UW-Stevens Point Football and the Alouettes de Montréal for helping him be ready to "tackle" this call!" the post read.

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