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What's that brown bug you keep seeing in your home?

More Minnesotans are getting an unwelcome visit from these stinky pests.
Credit: Marco Uliana - stock.adobe.com
Brown marmorated stink bug, Halyomorpha halys

MINNEAPOLIS — The brown marmorated stink bug was first identified in the United States in 1998 and first seen in Minnesota in 2010. They are hard to detect outside because most live up in the trees and blend in with bark. 

However, they are very easy to notice in your home! Not only do they stand out, but they emit a nasty odor if they are disturbed. That stinky scent usually leads to...more stink bugs. 

These pests are starting to spread further and further north. However, Minnesota winters are just too cold for them outside. It is common for stink bugs to hibernate inside homes during the winter months. 

An easy way to make sure these pest don't find their way inside your home? Ensure any cracks, crevices or holes in the foundation are patched up if you want to keep them out. 

If you do find the bugs inside, remove them accordingly. Stink bugs are known to damage soy beans, which is one of Minnesota's most important crops. Apples, grapes and other vegetables are also at risk. 

According to the Minnesota Department of Agriculture, when these bugs emerge in the spring, adults will gather on tall plants and trees, and anywhere they can get plenty of sunshine.

With that being said, if you see one inside put the bug in a bag and send a photo to the Department of Agriculture for identification. Then proceed to throw it away! Whatever you do, you'll want to avoid stepping on them or else you will be in for a stinky surprise. 

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