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Send the Love: Lindsay and Kathy Whalen

Perk sat down for a candid conversation with Gophers basketball coach Lindsay Whalen and her mom Kathy about everything from the COVID-19 pandemic to Mother's Day.

GOLDEN VALLEY, Minnesota — It's a big weekend for both Kathy and Lindsay Whalen: the mother-daughter duo will be celebrating two occasions separately that they'd usually spend together because of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

"I'm doing okay. If we weren't in quarantine I know that we'd be planning Mother's Day and a birthday. The year that Lindsay was born, she was born on Mother's Day back in 1982," said Kathy Whalen.

"I timed it just right," Lindsay Whalen deadpanned.

"We would definitely be planning family time right now because it would be her down time for her season and recruiting. I'm totally missing that," Kathy said.

Credit: Kathy Whalen

I asked them about what their favorite activities are to do when they can spend time with each other.

"For Lindsay and I, when we are able to get together we love to find an outdoor patio to sit on at this time of year, you know, and get together for happy hour and dinner. Otherwise we love to just sit around and have the kids come out and grill and sit outside," said Kathy.

"Usually when my mom comes and stays we will have a couple of movie nights, and we always find the ones that are like war-torn epic action movies of all time. We've probably watched 'The Fugitive' together in our lives about 150 times!" Lindsay said.

"Over and over," added Kathy.

"We also watch 'Lord of War,' it's this gunrunning Nicholas Cage movie. We always laugh about it and say which one are we going to watch?" said Lindsay.

Her mom said that she's always been able to depend on Lindsay.

"She's always been very responsible. She's the oldest of five. I've leaned on her a lot over the years as our family grew and I think that she took it to heart. She was my helper. When she went off to college, I was lost. We've just remained very close friends over the years and I couldn't be happier with the ways our lives have turned out and with just how responsible she is. She takes a lot of people into consideration when she is making decisions and she is just a great person at heart. She's an ideal daughter," said Kathy.

Lindsay has, in turn, depended on her mom and reached out for her advice on numerous occasions.

Credit: Kathy Whalen

"I don't know how many meltdowns she's gotten me off the mat for. Whether it was the WNBA or serious injuries. Coaching has been challenging. I'm two years in and it's a whole different ball game than playing," said Lindsay.

She's my confidante too and I rely on her for many, many things. Probably more so than a mom should." Kathy concluded.