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Twin Cities author pursues the perfect run

Mackenzie Havey's second book is entitled, "The Perfect Run."

GOLDEN VALLEY, Minnesota — What is the key to the perfect run?  

It's not just one thing according to Twin Cities author Mackenzie Havey who has written a new book entitled, "The Perfect Run." 

"This whole idea of perfect run seemed meaningful to me. It's something something that can't be willed into existence. The main definition of a perfect run would be a coalescing of body, mind and spirit," Havey said.  

The Twin Cities author talked to elite athletes and recreational runners to learn how they defined their perfect run.

Credit: Mackenzie Havey

Havey, is a runner herself and found that people were passionate about running no matter their expertise.

"Kara Goucher, she'll talk about this perfect running state that she achieved on the track at the Olympics or she'll talk about achieving that state on a dirt road outside of Duluth. When I spoke to recreational runners they had these same feelings that they get from these next level runs. Runners across the board describe what I call a spiritual experience," Havey said.

For more information on where to get Havey's book go to: https://www.perfectrunbook.com/