MINNEAPOLIS — Vikings players and coaches spent an hour Wednesday packing meals at the Southside Village Boys and Girls Club in south Minneapolis.

It's rare to see nearly the entire team all together at a community event, but it's something but both players and coaches say helps build chemistry.

"I firmly believe when you build relationships off the field, in some way, it makes a difference on the field," Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins said. "So a day like today, when you're getting away from the building but still spending time together, I just think it helps."

"It's really fun for us," Vikings coach Mike Zimmer said. "We get a chance to interact with the community. Quite honestly, it's good bonding for us. Each little table has their own competition with one another."

In addition to some friendly competition, the players and coaches helped provide some smiles and laughs to the children they volunteered alongside. 

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