MINNEAPOLIS - The Minnesota Lynx are celebrating in downtown Minneapolis Thursday night following another WNBA championship, its fourth in seven years.

After such a run, it's worth asking, is there even an end in sight and how have they stayed relevant and even build into a dynasty?

"I think we should let the champaign dry from everyone's clothes and hair before we speculate on the roster," said ESPN 1500 radio host Phil Mackey. "Not only are the carrying the championship torch in this town where most teams tend to choke under pressure or fizzle. This team tends to push forward and be at their best when chips are on the table."

The team has star players, no doubt in Maya Moore and Lindsey Whalen. But beyond that sports fans and radio hosts will tell you, an ability to play unselfishly.

"What is unique about this team is that for seven years you can make a case that they have had 4 different top players at any given point. Maybe Whalen was the best player. Simone Agustus was the best player," Mackey added.

So no matter your allegiance to any Minnesota sports team that has been on the cusp of greatness within the past decade, it's just a fact that if you want a championship atmosphere, the Lynx have always been your best bet.