MINNEAPOLIS - Did you know your cell phone is 18-times dirtier than a public toilet seat?

One Minnesota woman has come up with a product that will wipe your cell phone clean without using harsh chemicals.

Jill Applebaum is the co-founder of Spruce and Co. or “Sprucies”.

She came up with the product after ruining her smartphone with hand sanitizer.

“I had worked in Silicon Valley at another tech startup and have always been a germophobe. I was constantly glued to my devices and really didn’t know how to take care of them other than using hand sanitizer,” said Applebaum.

Jill Applebaum is the co-founder of  Spruce and Co.  or “Sprucies”.
Jill Applebaum is the co-founder of  Spruce and Co.  or “Sprucies”.

While at Harvard Business School, born was the idea of a plant based product that would be gentle enough for devices and on your skin.

“The active cleaning agent comes from coconut and they are alcohol free, ammonia free and fragrance free,” said Applebaum. She says the product is becoming popular among millennials and parents.

“They are using more devices and become more conscious of the products they are using. Plus they have kids who are using devices now in the classroom," said Applebaum. "As compared to a Lysol wipe or Clorox or Windex these are super gentle, safe, no harsh chemicals. You can feel good about putting it on your device if your little one grabs it and puts it in their mouth.”