PRINCETON, Minn. - Students from 3rd all the way to 12th grade are getting an out of this world opportunity to meet with a NASA scientist who's in charge of their curriculum this week.

It's a first-of-its-kind NASA Outreach event for the Princeton, Minnesota school district. Students are tasked with solving complex problems and learning about NASA.

"A lot of what I have talked about is the SLS or Space Launch System. This is the next rocket that NASA has been building," said Anthony DeStefano, Aerospace Engineer, NASA.

The 8th graders in this group are working on a math problem to determine how large a surface would be on the spacecraft module. It's a chance for them to apply their knowledge the real world.

"Being a rural area, it's like, do we actually have this opportunity to big things like work at NASA? And we do! Anthony is our example of that," said Samantha Heitke, Advanced Academics Coordinator, Princeton Schools.

For the students, it's also an opportunity to make a new connection. For Anthony, the NASA scientist, it's a visit home.

"I do remember walking these halls, its kind of eerie being back here. Over a decade now," said Anthony.

The outreach event will continue for the remainder of the week for the entire school district.