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With fish house removal deadline approaching, DNR issues trash warning

Conservation officers have been reporting large amounts of trash on Lake Minnetonka and Lake Waconia.

EXCELSIOR, Minn. — With good conditions, Carson Bay is still crowded as ever.

Anglers are getting their last catches in before deadline.

"Nice little bluegill," said Kolt Ringer.

It's kind of a sad time for him.

"It is tough," said Kolt. 

He's not ready for ice fishing season to end. 

All fish houses must be off the ice by next Monday and with that in mind DNR conservation officers are out patrolling, looking for anything left behind.

Arnaud Kpachavi says Lakes Minnetonka and Waconia have been particularly bad with trash left behind. It's an issue that isn't getting better year after year.

 "Cigarettes are really the big thing. Cigarette butts all over the place. They leave household garbage, vehicles, fish houses. Last year I had a guy try to burn down his fish house," said Kpachavi.

Arnaud says homeowners nearby now come out and pick up.

"Sometimes I know they'll fill entire dumpsters full of garbage," he said.

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He was also out talking to anglers to remind them to clean up.

Kolt lives in nearby Deep Haven, so you can bet on him doing everything to keep his backyard pristine.

"It's protected and we have this privilege to be out here and want to be able to enjoy it," said Kolt.

If you're caught littering on these lakes you could face a fine of up to several hundred dollars. 

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