ST. PAUL - When you think of NASA, you think of space exploration and Earth science.

NASA does it all, and they are now awarding the Science Museum of Minnesota $14.5 million over a five year period. The goal; to help bring hands-on science to more people around Minnesota, and the rest of the country.

"It will allow us to create 50 small scale exhibitions that will get distributed across the country. We will reach somewhere between 5 to 10 million people." said Paul Martin, Senior Vice President for Science and Learning at the Science Museum of Minnesota.

The Science Museum of Minnesota is now going to be in charge of a Space and Earth STEM Education program with several Universities and Science Centers across the country.

The exhibits that are built here, over the next five years, will have a far reach across the country.

"We work with over 400 museums and science centers around the country. We have the highest capacity, of I think any museum in the country to develop these kind of programs and exhibits." said Martin.

This award from NASA will help inspire the next generation of scientists and space explorers here and around the country.