MINNEAPOLIS - By now, you probably have seen a house, barn or other building featuring solar panels. In the past decade, the prices of these panels have dropped by more than 60 percent and they have become more efficient over the long term.

"We expect the panels that we install these days could be providing as much as 80 to 90 percent of their original efficiency in 25 years. A few years ago, I don't know if you could have said that," said Ryan Buege of All Energy Solar.

While solar installs can cost several thousand dollars, think of it like this, if your roof is the right size and it faces the right direction, you can nearly eliminate your power bill as panels today are even more efficient than they were 10 to 15 days ago.

"There is really no maintenance either, no moving parts, nothing that can break," said Ryan,

Besides saving money, protecting the environment is also a priority for the homeowner.