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MnDOT deploys nearly 200 crews in effort to keep you safe

As the temps drop, so too does the effectiveness of the chemicals MnDOT is using to de-ice roadways.

ST PAUL, Minn. — From rollovers to spin outs, it's been a sloppy mess across much of the metro area as winter weather hammers our region. 

"Last night we were getting blowing and drifting snow around the metro and then later on in the evening we got the sleet and almost a rain that came down," says MnDOT Communication Specialist Kent Barnard.

Nearly 200 crews have been deployed by the Minnesota Department of Transportation, rotating through 12-hour shifts.

They're racing against time and below freezing temps in an effort to keep everyone safe. 

"As temperatures dropped this evening we had a little bit of refreeze which made the roads a little bit slick," says Barnard.

And it's that refreeze which he says is the most challenging part of the de-icing process even after the roadways have been pre-treated. 

"We're still using chemicals out there to break up the ice and melt the ice but the problem is as the temperatures drop the chemicals slow down, they don't do the job as well," Barnard says. "When we get down right around zero, salt basically your calcium or your sodium chloride quits working and it really doesn't do much for us at that point."

So if you are out and about over the next 24 to 48 hours, keep in mind...

"We're still seeing some slick areas around the twin cities metro area."

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