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What to include in a winter emergency kit for your car

If you have to drive in the snow, be prepared with these items.
Credit: KARE

Any Minnesota motorist knows that driving in snow or blizzard conditions can be difficult, if not dangerous. Authorities generally recommend avoiding travel in such conditions, but if you have to drive in the snow, be prepared with a winter emergency kit for your car.

The National Weather Service recommends including these items in your kit:

• Flashlight (with extra batteries)
• First Aid kit
• Shovel
• Ice scraper and snow brush
• Sand or kitty litter (to throw down to give your car traction if you get stuck)
• Flares, triangles or other bright objects (that can mark your location if you run off the road)
• Jumper cables
• Tow rope
• Extra warm clothing (including boots, hats and mittens)
• Blankets or sleeping bag
• Water and non-perishable snacks
• Cell phone charger

If you do have to drive, the Minnesota Department of Public Safety recommends making sure someone knows where you're going and the route you're going to take, and be sure to report back when you've arrived safely at your destination.

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If you do get stuck or stranded in a snowstorm, authorities recommend that you stay with your vehicle, to avoid getting lost or exhausted. Call 911 and give authorities as much information as you can about your location and your vehicle.

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