BURNSVILLE, Minn. — There are broken windows and dimpled shingles and siding in the south metro Thursday morning after a brief but potent thunderstorm rolled through. 

That storm lasted for only 20 minutes or so, but along with plenty of thunder it produced hail measuring 2 or 3 inches. Some windshields were smashed, cars and homes were damaged in Prior Lake and Burnsville, and many residents woke up without their alarms. 

Measuring the hail
Dan Kritsberg of Burnsville took the measure of Thursday's hailstorm, with the size of the frozen projectiles running the gamut.
Dan Kritsberg
Prior Lake hail Sara Savoy
The hail that fell at Sara Savoy's place in Prior Lake reached golf ball size.
Sara Savoy

If there is any good news, it's that the storm collapsed as quickly as it developed. Most of the metro remained dry and storm-free.

Don't let your guard down: There is the possibility of more storms this evening after another hot, humid day Thursday.