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Busy day in preparation for winter storm and Thanksgiving

People were out getting food, fixing snowblowers, and getting their cars ready for the week ahead.

There were big crowds and long lines at Edina's Jerry's Foods for Thanksgiving.

Barb, though, was doing some winter storm shopping just in case.

"Make sure I don't run out of anything during the storm," said Barb.

On top of food shopping, St. Paul's Merriam Park Repair's phones were ringing off the hook.

People needing last minute snow blower supplies or repairs.

"It's bringing everybody in the door," said mechanic Ben Wilkes.

He says it's been non-stop.

"Machines waiting to be fixed," said Wilkes.

He said many came Tuesday looking for repairs, but they've been so busy they're unable to get it done by first snowfall. 

Also many were getting their cars prepped and ready for the winter.

"This week we've been doing 15-20 cars a day," said Ethan Dehry at Signal Garage Auto Care in St. Paul. "Once snow comes into the picture, tires are a big thing."

All in all, a busy Tuesday, but no panicking, at least for now. 

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