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County plow crews respond to south metro snow

Supervisors of Dakota and Scott County plow teams are sharing their action plans to handle an anticipated foot or so of December snow.

JORDAN, Minn. — Drivers in Dakota County are advised to watch out for plows through 7 p.m. Friday. That's when county plow drivers will stop clearing roads for the day. However the same crew will return at 2:30 a.m. Saturday. 

There are 26 total trucks covering 1,100 miles of roadway countywide. They'll come load up on salt at headquarters in Rosemount as needed.

Asst. Transportation Supervisor Dave Tentis says the warm temperatures are working in their favor.

"Today we've got great temperatures," he said. "This salt right here will melt snow very effectively."

Tentis says we can all do our part to stay safe by giving plows enough room to do their job.

There's always a few little butterflies just hoping that you get through that first one and everybody gets back into the barn safe and no wrecks or anything like that," Tentis said. "If you can just stay at home."

In Scott County, there's a similar action plan of working through around 7 or 8 tonight and resuming early Saturday morning.

They've been at it since around 2 this afternoon. Highway Operations Manager Joe Wiita says, besides Minnesota Department of Transportation plows, Scott County is the only county in our area to have a plow attached to the front and the side of their trucks, eliminating the need for a second vehicle to follow behind. The side plow is called a tow plow.

"Prior to my current position, I was an operator for 16 years it's a lot of fun," Wiita said. "You get to look in the mirror and immediately see the work you've done when the roads are clear so it's a good aspect of the job. Just trying to keep people safe is quite the joy."

The same crew out tonight will be back sometime between 2 and 4 Saturday morning to start a full day of plowing roads. Sunday, they'll get to take a break.

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