Today is a day of transition from the final hours of winter to the vernal (spring) equinox! 

At 4:58 PM our time, the sun's strongest (most direct) rays cross the equator and stay in the northern hemisphere until the autumnal equinox in late September.

And it's showing in the forecast! We're in a warm pattern that takes us into and through the weekend.

The next few days will be brighter with more sun and warmer. Highs Thursday will be close to 50, as well as Friday - for the first time since November 1st. Mild temps will persist into the weekend with still a chance of 60 degrees on Saturday if we can keep clouds at bay.

Sunday may yield a few showers, but it looks like the bulk of the moisture may stay south. One models brings some snow Sunday overnight but that's to be determined. Early next week starts back in the 40s, but warmer temps build back in midweek.

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