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Minnesotans soak up sun during 67-degree November weather

Whether at the Gopher game, prep football, or out for a run, the unseasonably warm weather created the perfect backdrop for fall activities.

ST PAUL, Minn. — Saturday, 250 Minnesotans took part in a 5 or 10K fun run with a simple goal in mind: beer. The runs started and ended at Bad Weather Brewing Company in St. Paul, but the actual weather was anything but.

"Especially on a gorgeous day like today," said Morgan Jappe, cofounder of Brewery Running Series. "We’re at Bad Weather Brewing Company, but it’s beautiful."

Saturday was the Minneapolis organization's 35th event of the year, with a portion of the registration fee going to Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity: The House that Beer Built. Jappe says they typically run rain or shine, so the unseasonably warm weather was a bonus.

"As runners, a cooler day can be pretty nice. But something like today in the fall is just perfect," she said.

Over by Huntington Bank Stadium, fans were out in full force ahead of the University of Minnesota football game. Students gathered at the Phi Delta Gamma fraternity house for an outdoor tailgate.

"I feel like last year, we had snow like two weeks ago, so we’re really riding out this nice heat wave," said junior Nick Lecomte.

Lecomte's right: the first snow in central Minnesota last year fell on October 16th.

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"It’s just a nice day...we don’t have to worry about all the bad in the world right now. We’re just gonna enjoy the rays," Lectome said.

Over at Simley High School in St. Paul, head football coach Chris Mensen said the 67-degree November weather made for a morale boost.

"It definitely does," he said. "When you’re practicing in the cold weather, day in, day out, it wears on kids."

He said in his more-than-decade-long experience of coaching, this has been one of the best years.

"We haven’t had very many wet games, hardly any practices we had to deal with rain at all," Mensen said. "I’ve been coaching for about 11 years now, and typically in the playoffs, you earn the right to play in the cold weather, and this year has been completely different."

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