It is safe to say that after our last late blast of winter, the majority of Minnesotans can't wait for things to warm up. 

Few, however, are as impatient as professional wakesurfer Stacia Bank. She took her first run of the season yesterday, braving broken ice chunks on Lake Minnetonka's Crystal Bay. It's become a seasonal rite for Bank the past few springs, and this year her 11-year-old son put on not one wet suit...  but two... to stay somewhat warm and join her. They jumped in the water, then popped up behind a powerful Malibu wake boat to do a few tricks and make a quick run before calling it a day. 

"We noticed the North Arm landing was open and there was a small strip of open water that was deep enough to surf," Stacia wrote to KARE 11. "We hoped to stand on the ice to start but while it was thick, we went through when trying to stand on it. 

"I’ve surfed the ice line the past two years and it has been interesting in the variety in dates this has been possible on Lake Minnetonka (2017 5/9, 2018 5/6, and 2019 4/13) and also the variety of ice textures. Last year it was very sharp and honeycombed, 2018 was solid dense ice blocks, this year was thick and mushy."

"We love summer and this has been a fun way to get it started," Bank added.