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7.7 billion people under daylight simultaneously

At 6:15 a.m. on Friday, July 8, 99% of the Earth's population experienced daylight.

MINNEAPOLIS — The morning of July 8, 83% of the world's population received direct sunlight, while another 16% got indirect sunlight. 

This means 6.4 billion people got direct sunlight and a little more than 1.2 billion people were in twilight. 

This really fascinating and rare fact is only true when counting twilight areas. The reason for this is because most people reside in the Northern Hemisphere. The sun gradually makes its ways south after the solstice while its rays move away from the northern areas. 

As this occurs it affects a good chunk of the northern Pacific Ocean, which is highly unpopulated. 

However, at the same time the southward movement covers some of the world's most populated areas from Indonesia to the Philippines, adding roughly 10 million people to the twilight daylight zones. 

So, this is the difference between the Summer Solstice and July 8.

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