GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. — You’ve maybe seen lots about the Amazon on fire in your social media feeds the last few days, and for good reason. The legendary rainforest is the LUNGs of the planet, absorbing the increasing amounts of CO2 humans generate. 

There are double the number of fires this year in this critical rainforest, which is the largest on the planet. The fires and smoke were so intense that the smoke caused a blackout Monday in the city of Sao Paulo. 

Fires are a normal scenario in the ‘dry season,’ otherwise known as the Southern Hemisphere winter, but this year has been exceptional as farmers have attempted to clear even more jungle at the encouragement of the government there. 

This trend comes as a new study shows MORE THAN HALF of forest wildlife has been lost in just 40 years, much of which in the Amazon. In fact the Amazon is currently losing about a football field’s worth of forest per minute, purposefully cleared in a time when we need MORE trees, not less.