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WeatherMinds: Double rainbows

The science behind a double rainbow is all about reflection and refraction.

Out viewer spotted several double rainbows this past weekend up in cabin country. What a special sight!

For a single rainbow, the sunlight shines into the raindrops and as it does it bends a bit because the water of the raindrop is more dense than the air around it. 

The light reflects off the back of the raindrop and bounces back to your eye. But it's the bending (refracting) of the light that splits it into the array of beautiful colors to form the rainbow.

For a double rainbow, the light is reflected twice. The secondary rainbow appears higher in the sky because the light is entering the randrop at a slightly different angle. 

You'll also notice if you look carefully that the order of the colors are reversed from the primary rainbow to the secondary.

And one more fun fact... rainbows are tallest at sunset because of the low sun angle.

Keep the pictures coming!