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WeatherMinds: September was the 12th warmest on record

Even though the weather is cooling here in the Metro, many southern states are still seeing hot temps.

GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. — We know the weather definitely turned to Autumn this week, but it was a very warm September. In the Twin Cities, we were really on the edge of the 'real heat', however. We tied for our 12th warmest September, despite a cooler start to the month we had a string of mid to late month 80s.

In much of the central, south and southeastern U.S. many areas saw their top 5 warmest Septembers with many areas even seeing their 1st or 2nd hottest! Roughly 1/3 of the country saw their top 3 hottest September.

The heat may have left us but it still remains in much of the south. Nashville, TN just the other day set a record high of 98 when the normal there is 77. Atlanta, GA also set a record high of 96 yesterday and there too the normal high is 77.

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