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KARE 11 is currently seeking applicants interested in obtaining an internship with KARE 11.

We are always accepting applications from students interested in all departments - news, sports, and community.

We ask that all candidates please submit a copy of your resume with your completed application form.

Interns need to be pro-active and serious about pursuing careers in broadcast and on-line journalism.

An in-person interview with the sports intern coordinator, prior to acceptance, is required. 

You will need to fill out an online application to be considered for an internship at KARE 11. Click here to apply.

SPORTS INTERN Sports Interns in the KARE 11 Sports department have the opportunity to work in a fast-paced environment, helping to meet multiple daily deadlines. Intern responsibilities include (but are not limited to) the following: recording and logging games, assisting photographers in the field, conduct interviews with athletes and coaches, editing highlights and interviews (using Avid Newscutter), writing scripts for on-air and updating the website with stories and video. Sports interns are asked to work 20-25 hours each week (including one weekend shift) and must receive college credit. Juniors and Seniors are preferred.

NEWS News interns have the opportunity to be inside a major television news operation. They are trained in KARE 11's on-air and on-line writing systems. They are expected to be punctual and dependable for their assigned work shifts which are days (9-5:30 Monday-Friday) and/or early mornings (4-7:30 a.m. Monday-Saturday). The requirement is approximately 20 hours per week. Duties include learning by observation and assistance to news reporters, photojournalists, and MMJ's, news producers and assignment editors. Interns need to be pro-active and serious about pursuing careers in broadcast and on-line journalism. They are required to be receiving college credit for the internship. Juniors and Seniors are preferred.

NEWS VIDEOTAPING EDITING/WRITING - Basic editing (do's and don't's), get familiar with machines and editing process, speed (editing and writing), script basics, write VOs and VO-SOTs, write and voice package.

NEWS METEOROLOGY INTERN - Gains hands-on forecasting experience while working with meteorologists to create weathercast. Opportunities include: observing weather phenomena with on-site radar; producing graphics with state-of-the-art computer systems; and other projects. Meteorology interns must have some coursework in the major, including synoptics, completed before the internship begins.

ONLINE INTERN Learn web site management and web page design. Learn to use Javascript, CGI/Perl, SQL, and HTML, ASP, ASP.NET in a Windows environment. Work on the KARE-11 Intranet under supervised conditions to learn development and design concepts.

PROMOTION INTERN This position enables a student to fully understand a promotion department that works as an in-house ad agency, with complete hands-on learning experience; to include producing your own spot with the right initiative. Responsibilities include: assisting with on-air production location shoots; writing copy for over-the-crawl announcements; presenting and scheduling station tours; researching possible special events; assisting in special projects and sharing general office duties.

GRAPHICS INTERN Work within the Marketing & Creative Services department to help create original print and design work for in-house and on-air, and will have the opportunity to continue developing their skill-set while putting their talents to the test in a deadline-driven broadcast environment. We're looking for someone with a solid foundation in Photoshop and Illustrator, and perhaps a special interest in Motion Graphics.

CREATIVE SERVICES INTERN Work closely with our Marketing & Creative Services Producers both in the field and at the station to apply and strengthen what they've learned in school on professional shoots with high-end production gear. We're looking for students who are eager to do it all: to learn and work in a variety of disciplines including writing, shooting, editing, and motion graphics. Come learn with a team that does it every day.

COMMUNITY RELATIONS INTERN This internship is for students interested in Community Relations and Event Production. Interns will gain an understanding of how a TV station works by interacting with nearly every department. Student interns will help prepare for and work at station-sponsored events, coordinate regular segments in newscasts, write and post stories to station websites, respond to viewer requests and comments and research critical issues facing the community. Hours are flexible for this internship, but will include some evening and weekend commitments to cover events. Candidates must be self-starters, detail-oriented with strong communication skills and writing experience.

SPECIAL PROGRAMS INTERN This position allows a student to experience first hand the planning production, and execution of local television programs. The student will work primarily on one of our weekly programs. This position requires basic knowledge of video tape machines, logging, writing skills, excellent phone skills, and the ability to think creatively and efficiently in the production process. In return, the student will observe and participate in the entire production process of non-news programming. This position requires the minimal commitment of 24 hours a week.


- Students must be sponsored by and receive credit from an accredited college and be at least junior or senior level. (Special arrangements can be made for a student in a lower level if meeting other criteria and department approval.)

- Students must have prior written approval from a school professor or counselor who will serve as administrator of this individual's internship program.

Internship positions paid. The hours are 18-24 hours per week depending on the department and student.

- Internships last a minimum of three months and can last up to six months. Internships may be in more than one department depending on criteria, department approval and student's desire.

- Students should be pursuing communications, journalism/speech, business degrees or other related course work for the department of internship.

- Internships are available in News, Sports, Promotion, Production, and Sales Marketing, Students will learn about the television industry from the business and technical sides in all areas.

Other Criteria for NEWS INTERNSHIPS:

- Must be a journalism/speech communications major.

- Must be in the top 20% of your class in course related work in your major.

- Must be able to work at least three, eight hour shifts per week.

Students will augment their classroom experience through participation in various business and news activities and projects. KARE will provide extensive supervision, one on one training, and a job description for each department. Most importantly, students do not serve as a replacement or substitute for a full or part-time employee. This internship program is solely a learning experience.

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