MINNEAPOLIS - Gloves, check. Hammer, check. Jackhammer, check.

In Minneapolis, six homes are getting a free facelift.

Scraping old paint, check. Shovels, check. Reciprocating saw, check.

"Yeah, you didn't see before! This is so much better, you have no idea," said Anita Nunn, one of the homeowners.

Nunn has lived in this house for about four years; it was a foreclosure and she inherited a mess of brush outside.

"They were so high and so far out that we had to make a path in the dirt because we couldn't use the sidewalk," said Nunn.

The sidewalk's open now. Symbolic because this whole Tilsenbilt neighborhood in Minneapolis was built for a purpose, open for anyone to buy in the 1950's, helping end housing discrimination. Nunn's new to this house, but she's lived in Tilsenbilt all her life.

"I can't begin to express to you what this means to me. I just can't," said Nunn.

That's why the group "Rebuilding Together" picked these six houses for this revitalization project called, "Kickoff to Rebuild," leading up to Super Bowl 52. So 100 volunteers are hard at it.

"Boards, drilling, pounding, straightening, leveling, getting very dirty," said Erin Murphy, a volunteer.

They also laid posts for a community garden, thanks to a $200,000 grant from Lowe's.

"I absolutely love helping out, you know," said Murphy.

Nunn knows, and she, too, loves it.

"With everything that's going on today, this is great. This is what it's about. This is America, right here," said Nunn.