Editor's Note: This is a sponsored segment.

GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn -- Storm Creek is a Hastings, Minnesota-based independent provider of outdoor-inspired apparel.

Every garment is created for high performance, versatility, style and comfort, to be worn in the mountains or in the city. The brand was founded in 2006, to provide higher-quality, logoed apparel for the promotional products market.

In 2014, the company expanded from a wholesale apparel supplier to a diverse-market, multi-million-dollar, nationally recognized brand. Storm Creek continues to deliver stylish, company logo-branded garments that are true closet favorites. Individual sales are offered on stormcreek.com and at our annual warehouse sales.

· Headquarters: 624 Spiral Blvd., Hastings, MN 55003

· (866) 998-2563

· stormcreek.com/embrace-the-cold