MINNEAPOLIS -- Clutter can quickly take up the precious space in your home. Many of us have at least one thing we just cannot throw away or do not want to throw away.

Decluttering expert Laurie Wrobel, owner of Clutter 911, explains the top three things most people don't throw away.

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Wrobel says most of us have too many photos, whether they're printed or online. She has some tips on how to sort through them and get rid of the ones you don't need.

"If its a scenery photo and you don't know if its the Rocky Mountains or Appalachians or Canadian Rockies, really, is there much of a memory?" she asked.

Her advice is to pick your favorite one or two from each event and focus on quality of the photos over quantity.

Magazines and Children's Artwork

Wrobel says she frequently goes into homes that have stacks and stacks of magazines. Her advice is to use magazines when they arrive and if you haven't paged through them before the next issue arrive, toss it out.

And finally, your kids' watercolor wonders from decades ago? Wrobel wants to know why you're hanging onto their artwork from grade school.

"I've met lots of clients that their children are in their 50's and they've got their artwork. They've got drawings, paintings or that lovely cup that your child made in first grade," said Wrobel.

Her advice is to pick the very special ones and scan them into your computer. And if you're a parent, and you still have your children's artwork, but their grown adults? Give it back to them and let them deal with it.