MINNETONKA, Minn. - What a fun segment! I learned a lot and was so impressed on really how easy it is to make your holiday mantel, and table look great!

Jessie from Tonkadale Greenhouse helped us create unique looks with many things you might have in your house already. She encourages you to make your table and mantel look good through the holidays and beyond with more "permanent things." But then to make them look great for your guests and gatherings you should add fresh items and you can easily make things festive!

This is from Jessie:

"Mantles and tables provide the opportunity to assort everyday items with seasonal elements. Create a plant-inspired setting ahead of your event so you can enjoy your design ahead of your guests. Add fresh cut greens or flowers to your assortment the day of to add color, texture and scent. Gift some of the smaller items from your table to your guests as a party favor. Leave everyday items in place and add new plants and seasonal items throughout the year."