GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. - Jeff Edmondson bought his first house this past year and his first home garden.

Bobby has been checking in with him throughout the year to see how it is going. Sadly the garden got really beat up in a huge hail storm in June and along with that some other failures, but many successes. This week we thought we would check in with him and see how it looks and what he should do as we head into the winter months.

Bobby told him to get rid of most of his plant debris, and specifically the tomato plant debris, and compost it. He told him to leave the lettuce because it will take a couple of frosts and is a great final crop. He told him to rake up the rest and put down a cover crop or "green manure". This will germinate and turn into great fertilizer in the spring when you but it back and turn it in.

Here is more info on Cover Crops.

Good luck putting your garden to bed for winter...let's start the count down to spring!