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Grow with KARE: Plant your spring bulbs!

You can ensure spring color by getting spring bulbs in the ground now!

If you are like me and sad that everything is going to freeze up this weekend - and we will loose those beautiful blooms we have enjoyed all summer - there's still time to plant spring flowering bulbs in the next few weeks until the ground is frozen.

They will hibernate all winter just under the soil and be the first things to pop up in the spring.

We went to Bachman's and found an enormous selection, from daffodils to an amazing assortment of tulips and other assorted spring blooms.

In regard to spring bulbs, Bobby reminds us to look at the timing. Are they early, mid or late season bulbs? 

When planting, put them in odd clumps and not just in a row.

Bobby doesn't think putting down any fertilizer is necessary, as the bulbs have enough packed into the bulb.  

The smell also could attract the squirrels.

It is important to clean up any of the scraps and the outer coating of the bulbs, because if that is left on the top of your planting area the squirrels will know there are treats below.  

Here is the Bachman's Planting tip sheet that will help with depth of planting etc.  

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