In the Downtown East Commons Park next to the new U.S.Bank Stadium has a fabulous new cutting edge product that a company from Long Lake installed.

The product is called Porous Pave and Ben from Alta Falls & Pond Supplies showed Bobby and me how unique it is. Porous Pave is a 'pour in place' material that is mixed on site and applied as a single monolithic pour.

Installation is much faster than traditional pavers and is much easier than concrete to finish.

The design of the material allows the entire surface area to be porous which allows an amazing 6,300 gallons of water per hour to pass thru each square foot of surface area.

In a downtown setting this is a great solution for a hard surface that will last the test of time and foot traffic. This way the rain water will go straight in and not run off into the streets and eventually into the storm sewers and the river.

Thanks Ben for showing us and GO VIKINGS!


Belinda Jensen