ST. PAUL, Minn. - It’s been about seven years since Nathan Beck decided hot dogs would be his future.

They were a staple of his past, growing up in Minnesota and enjoying them at the state fair.

“Yes, I love hot dogs and the state fair was it for me as a kid," Beck says.

He says he was at a point where he wanted to start his own business and was thinking about a food truck. His friend suggested he open a hot dog stand.

“He had no idea I loved hot dogs and I thought, 'That’s a great idea.'”

His “Natedogs” are natural, locally sourced pork hot dogs "his way" - meaning hold the ketchup.

“People ask all the time," he says. "I absolutely do not hate ketchup. I just don’t want it on a hot dog. It’s more flavor covering than anything, so what’s the point of a really good hot dog, then?”

Beck makes his own mustard recipes from local beer mustard, honey spiced mustard and a variety of other flavors.

It’s also the presentation you’ll find a bit different.

From his converse shoes, dress shirt, tie and bright apron, the look gives you a hint into his background of theater. He also might remember you from the last time you stopped by for a dog.

"When it comes to customers, if I don't know their name, I say, 'Tell me your name again. I know I saw you at such-and-such event.' That is important to me because in too much of life we are missing that human interaction element to everything."

To check out Natedogs you can visit