MINNEAPOLIS - As a doctor, Shane McAllister did everything he could to protect his 9-month-old son Andrew from the flu.

"We were as prepared for flu season as possibly could be," McAllister said.

But like 3,800 other Minnesotans, little Andrew ended up hospitalized with influenza. And after a brief scare, he has now recovered.

"We will continue to give him the flu vaccine every year but I do hope that we have a better one to offer very soon," McAllister said.

That's what Senator Amy Klobuchar wants as well.

"There's more that needs to be done," Klobuchar said.

Klobuchar is announcing she and other lawmakers will introduce a bill to fund flu research with a goal of developing a better vaccine.

"This research would help us to develop a universal vaccine that would help protect people from all variations of the flu," Klobuchar said.

"The vaccine that we have now is good. But it's not adequate. And what we need is a vaccine that covers multiple strains and provides immunity that is durable over multiple flu seasons," McAllister said.

In addition, Klobuchar says lawmakers will try to address shortages in IV bags and saline that are affecting hospitals in this potentially record-breaking flu season.