GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. -- Some people keep hitting the snooze button when the alarm goes off- others are already pumping iron before the sun comes up.

Early morning workouts aren't for everyone, but they can be extremely beneficial, with the good stuff lasting throughout the day.

GetHealthyU's Chris Freytag says it can start with healthy habits. Chris points to studies that show early workout warriors tend to eat healthier breakfasts Hitting the gym early can set you up for a day that gives you more energy and helps you sleep better at night. Chris says hormones in your body that help you build muscle and burn fat tend to peak in the morning hours.

It all sounds good- but getting there can be a challenge. Chris recommends you start the process the night before. Plan for your workout. Lay out everything you need so you have no reason NOT to go.

Get a partner who depends on you to be there, or trainer. If you're paying, you'll show up.

Don't try to switch all at once. If early morning isn't your thing, start with one or two days a week. Also focus on how good you will feel not just immediately afterward, but several months down the line, when you can see results.

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