GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn--We all start the school year off with the best of intentions to pack healthy lunches for our families. But a month or two in, life gets busy and it’s easy to fall off the wagon. Registered Dietician and Nutritionist Christina Meyer-Jax stopped by KARE-11 to show us how to stock a healthy, kid-friendly pantry to help get us back on track.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Hummus

Recipe provided by: Christina Meyer-Jax MS, RDN

What you need?

1 can (drained) S&W garbanzo beans

1/2 cup peanut butter (or other nut butter of choice)

1/4 cup maple syrup or honey

1/2 cup chocolate chips

Sprinkle in dried fruit of choice (optional)

What you need to do?

1. Drain the garbanzo beans, then add them in with maple syrup and peanut butter to blender. Blend until smooth.

2. Fold in with a spoon chocolate chips (dried fruit if adding) once hummus appears to be a thick, smooth consistency.

3. Eat and enjoy with a spoon! Or better yet, serve as a dip for sliced fruit such as apples and pears.

Pumpkin Pie Hummus

What do you need?

1 can S&W Garbanzo Beans, drained and rinsed

⅔ cup pumpkin puree

⅓ cup greek plain 2% yogurt

¼ cup pure maple syrup

2-3 teaspoons pumpkin pie spice

¼ teaspoon cinnamon

Handful of small roasted pumpkin seeds

What do you need to do?

1. Warm the garbanzo bean slightly (they should not be hot) to help them blend better.

2. In a food processor or high speed blender, combine the pumpkin puree, greek yogurt, maple syrup, and spices. Pulse until combined.

3. Add the garbanzo beans and process until creamy.

4. Chill in refrigerator slightly until ready to serve. Store in the fridge for up to 3-5 days.

5. Sprinkle with pumpkin seeds and cinnamon. Serve with sliced apples, pears, graham crackers.