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Top 5 Fall preps to do now, before the snow flies

This is the time to do simple things around your house that could save you thousands of dollars.

GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. — Remember last winter? The cold and snow created epic ice dams in the winter as well as freeze/thaw moisture issues in the spring. This is the time to do simple things around your house that could save you thousands of dollars.

Andy Lindus, with locally-based Lindus Construction joined us to discuss the top 5 Fall Preps to Do Now, Before the Snow Flies.

#1. Check Your Roof (Or Have a Professional Check It)

Did any of the spring or summer storms cause damage to the shingles? Or maybe your roof is in such bad shape it needs to be replaced before the winter. Don’t risk the damage to your home’s interior.

#2. Check Those Gutters and Downspouts!

Are your gutters full of leaves and debris? Are your downspouts clogged? If water and snow can’t properly drain through your gutters, you put your home at higher risk for ice dams, which can ruin your roof and even cause expensive leaks into your home. Last year was REALLY bad in terms of ice dams.

#3. Check Windows and Doors for Drafts

Is condensation building up on your windows when you turn the heat on in the house? If new windows aren’t in the budget this year, consider winter-proofing on your own. There are window and caulking kits you can pick up to help seal off some of those drafts in windows and doors before winter. You can also contact our crew to determine the areas of top concern and offer advice on how to seal those air leaks.

#4. Trim Trees

Bushes and trees have grown over the spring and summer. Make sure they aren’t brushing against your home causing premature wear and tear on the exterior.

#5. Get Up into That Attic

We know, no one wants to go up into the attic. We’re not sure what we’ll find! But, if it’s been a while since you’ve been in your attic, it’s time. You’re looking for a few things. For example, is your insulation worn? Or, maybe your insulation is covered in bat or mice droppings. Perhaps you’re seeing wood rot? It’s worth investigating and fixing these problems before winter.