That warm spring air making its way into Minnesota right now might bring an abundance of something we are already abundant in at present.

Major League Baseball home runs.

For realsies, hot air means long balls are more likely which is just BANANA PANTS because baseball is already on pace to hit more home runs this year than ever before.

So, what is up?

A couple of things. Batters swinging for the fences for sure, but it’s also, maybe a bit about the ball itself.

You see the ball, might have changed the game.

In 2017 Major League hitters dumbfounded the league when they started moon launching Mr. Rawlings at an alarming rate, 1.26 dingers per game, then an all-time record.

It was so shocking MLB hired some scientists and they concluded last year the home run surge could be partially explained by a change in aerodynamic properties of the ball.

They said the ball had decreased drag properties and as a result the ball was carrying father.

Fast forward to this season, one year after those conclusions and it is a drag show.

Jana had a chat with Dustin Morse, with the Minnesota Twins, to talk about it.