MINNEAPOLIS — You've heard it by now, I hope. "Truth Hurts" by Lizzo is an ode to moving on. I mean, just look at the lyrics.

"Yeah, I got boy problems that's the human in me, bling bling then I solve them that's the goddess in me," she sings.

Honestly, there's no better song to make history than this confidence-anthem. Chantel Sings played this Billboard Hot 100 topper twice this morning on her KMOJ Morning Show.

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"I believe it's called a sleeper hit," Sings explained. "When people sleep on the record for some time, then it starts to pick up and starts to chart. People start to gravitate towards it and obviously you see the appearances."

And Lizzo is APPEARING. She's been everywhere recently and Minnesotans couldn't be prouder. Now she's also appearing in the history books as one of the few African American women to top the Billboard Hot 100 in the past ten years.

She's in there now along with Cardi B, Beyonce, Rihanna and Janelle Monae.

"Women are taking over and we're doing great," Sings said with a huge smile on Wednesday. "We're going to continue to do great. We should be proud of each other for all the accomplishments that we've had already and have to gain."

Never mind that the rest of the world took some times to get things right. Jade Tittle, one of the hosts at the Current said Minnesotans saw a good thing and knew it - three years ago.

"In fact, at the Current in 2016, it was our number one song of the year as voted on by our listeners," Tittle said. "So it's so strange to me that it took two years for the rest of the world to catch up."

Correction: “Good As Hell” was voted No. 1 by Current listeners in 2016, not "Truth Hurts."

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Tittle who has interviewed Lizzo several times before said, even before 2016, Lizzo shone in the most authentic way possible. She recounted seeing Lizzo for the first time in 2012 during an MPR session.

"Lizzo just has that energy, where you knew something was going to happen with her but you didn't know what it was going to be," Tittle said. "But she has this charisma. When you're watching it you can't be helped but be drawn to her."

With "Truth Hurts" at the top and two other Lizzo songs also on the charts, Tittle said now might be Lizzo's defining moment.

"[Is] this Lizzo's moment? Or is she our generation's Aretha Franklin? What can we expect?" Tittle said. "A part of me thinks because the song that's number one right now is a two-year-old song, another song is a year-old song, we haven't even gotten to celebrating the album she came out with this year."

So if she means there will be many more years of Lizzo to catch up to, that's a truth, and one that doesn't hurt.