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Group of Minneapolis police officers writes open letter condemning Chauvin, embracing change

A group of 14 sworn officers released an open letter to "everyone... but especially Minneapolis citizens," condemning the actions of officer Derek Chauvin.
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MINNEAPOLIS — There has been a steady stream of messages from the mayor, city council, and police chief of Minneapolis since the death of George Floyd while in the custody of an officer.

On Thursday a group of men and women who wear the uniform and badge took a moment to have their say.

A group of 14 sworn Minneapolis police officers released an open letter to "everyone... but especially Minneapolis citizens," condemning the actions of officer Derek Chauvin, who was caught on video with his knee on Mr. Floyd's neck for nearly 9 minutes as he struggled to breathe, and then died. 

"Like us, Derek Chauvin took an oath to hold the sanctity of life most precious. Derek Chauvin failed as a human and stripped George Floyd of his dignity and life," the letter reads. "This is not who we are."

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The letter goes on to say that the officers are with citizens who were appalled at how Mr. Floyd lost his life, are ready to embrace change and stand in support of Chief Medaria Arradondo and the reforms he has promised. 

"We are leaders, formal and informal, and from all ranks within the Minneapolis Police Department," the group of officers say. "We’re not the union or the administration. We are officers who represent the voices of hundreds of other Minneapolis Police Officers. Hundreds. We acknowledge that Chief Arradondo needs each of us to dutifully follow him while he shows us the way. We stand ready to listen and embrace the calls for change, reform and rebuilding."

The open letter closes with a promise to work with residents and regain their trust moving forward. It is signed by 14 officers, some of them well known names who have been with the department for decades. They are:

Lt. Mark Klukow 

Cmdr. Charlie Adams 

Sgt. Darcy Klund

Lt. Christie Nelson 

Lt. Nick Torborg 

Off. Mike Kirchen

Sgt. Pete Stanton 

Lt. Gary Nelson 

Lt. Rich Jackson

Sgt. Mohamed Abdullahi 

Lt. Molly Fischer 

Sgt. Steve McCarty

Lt. John Delmonico

Lt. Richard Zimmerman

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