APPLE VALLEY, Minn. — No drama for this llama mama!

The Minnesota Zoo announced their female llama Calypso gave birth to a cria on Sunday, July 28.

The female baby doesn't have a name just yet, but is spending time bonding with mom and will be visible in the Llama Trek exhibit in the coming days, according to the Zoo.

This is the second cria, or newborn llama, born at the Zoo this summer. The first was born back in May.

Newborn llama at the Minnesota Zoo
Newborn llama at the Minnesota Zoo, courtesy of the Minnesota Zoo
Courtesy of the Minnesota Zoo

The latest birth brings the total number of llamas in Llama Trek to 22, 20 adults and two crias.

According to the Zoo, Calypso was several weeks overdue with her latest baby.

Love llamas? Check out these fun facts, courtesy of the Minnesota Zoo:

  • A baby llama, called a cria, can walk almost immediately after birth
  • A mama llama and her cria will hum to each other as a way to bond
  • A cria typically weighs around 20 pounds at birth
  • A full-grown llama can weigh up to 400 pounds, with its head reaching up to 6 feet tall

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