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Tips for sustaining your fitness goals throughout the year

A personal trainer gives advice for making your fitness resolutions last.

EDINA, Minn. — When it comes to fitness New Year's resolutions, it might not be surprising that by this time of year, many people stop committing to them.

So how can you make your fitness goals a year-round part of your routine?

We spoke with Kirstin Dragasakis, a personal trainer with Life Time, about some tips.

1. Focus on behaviors you can control. 

The number on the scale is an outcome. Like it or not, you have no direct control over what it may be. So focus on what you can control: Your behavior.

Dragasakis gives this example:

"I will eat eggs for breakfast," she said. "Do that every single day and then you'll see your results. So behaviors, not outcomes."

2. Keep your focus on small goals.

The more doable your goals seem, the more likely you are to commit to them.

"I think often times we try to change everything all at once and think about that big goal, whether it's lose 30 pounds or what not," Dragasakis said. "Make it small and break it off into little pieces. So this week it's get [to the gym] three times."

3. Don't get derailed. 

Don't let a "cheat day" or a missed workout take away your motivation. Just get back to your routine after.

"One bad meal is not going to ruin it. One missed workout won't ruin it," Dragasakis said. 

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