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That's So Minnesota: Amazing holiday houses

Viewers told KARE 11's Ellery McCardle where to go for the best homes with holiday lights.

GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. - We had many traditions in my family growing up, and among them, was looking at the holiday lights in my hometown of River Falls, Wis. My dad would drive us a few laps around town to check them out, every year. Some homes had the same set up every year, but it didn't matter. I was still mesmerized by the beauty.

This year, I wanted to photograph homes, so I asked you on our KARE 11 Facebook page for your suggestions, and you didn't disappoint.

My photographer and I loaded up our gear last Wednesday night and we first stopped in Blaine to see Justin Durrant's home. What a show! You've got to check his place out. He told me he has been putting up holiday lights for 15 years. His current set up has 7,500 lights and each one has its own computer chip which moves to music that you can tune into on your radio. You can find his house at 1750 130th Avenue NE in Blaine or on this interactive map.

Our next stop took us to Arden Hills. We turned the corner and ended up in a cul de sac with a house and yard lit up. There's a beautiful tree in the middle, which I love the most.

Our final stop was along York Avenue in St. Paul. It's not just one house lit in lights, but a whole street. The neighborhood even has a website and they collect donations for a local food bank. What an impressive sight.

This assignment not only challenged my photography skills, shooting at night, but it also helped me appreciate all of the hard work and dedication people have for decorating their homes. Thank you for your displays and I'll continue to search for more great places.

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