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Party with some of the country's top chefs!

Party with some of the nations top chefs April 27 ahead of their national conference.

GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. — Top women chef's and restaurateurs from around the country will soon be here in the Twin Cities for their 2019 National Conference. They are kicking things off with a party and the public is invited to participate. 

Anyone can attend the opening party, Tastes of the Twin Cities by purchasing a $75 ticket at WomenChefs.org. The event features appetizer bites from Ann Kim (Young Joni, Hello Pizza, Pizzeria Lola), Karyn Tomlinson (Corner Table, Queen of Pork) and Christina Nguyen (Hola Arepa, Hai Hai), all nominees for Best Chef Midwest James Beard Award this year. Also, special one night only craft cocktails by Lakesha Novicky (Constantine), Sarah Rothstein (Demi, Spoon & Stable), Megan Luedtke, (Martina), and Katy Dimick (Hola Arepa) and supported by Marco Zappia.

Guests who attend will have the opportunity to interact with our local culinary community, plus the visiting national conference goers and WCR Board Members.

Find all information at: www.womenchefs.org




• Create a starter, called a starter. The advantage of the starter is to obtain a

more natural fermentation, which results in a more developed yeast taste.

Take the temperature of the flour and the room and finally adjust it with

your liquid. Mix the water with the yeast in a mixing bowl.

• Cover the water and yeast mixture with the first amount of bread flour and let

it ferment until cracks form on the surface of the flour. It is important not

to disturb the starter while it is starting.

• Scale 462g of butter, shape it into a rectangle, and place it in the cooler.

• Mix the salt, sugar, 73g of soft butter, and the milk in a small bowl so the salt

has a buffer of fat around it and does not kill the yeast upon direct contact.

• Then add the rest of the flour and your salt, sugar, and butter mixture to the


• Mix with the hook in first gear for 1 minute, until the dough is almost

homogenized. Do not over mix.

• Place the dough in a bowl and cover with plastic wrap. This is called the


• Let rise for about 30 minutes until it doubles in volume in a warm place 75ºF.

Water 180 g

Dry yeast 13.5 g

Bread flour 133 g

Sugar 53 g

Sea salt 16 g

Milk 233 g

Soft butter 73 g

Bread flour 600 g

Butter for book 462 g

Total weight 1763.5 g

• Remove the dough from the proofer and press out the first gasses. Then place

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• Roll the dough out into a rectangle.

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butter out to the edges. Roll the dough into a rectangle and give two

single folds. Your dough should be 3 times as long as it is wide when

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Note: The key to this procedure is to make sure that the dough and the butter

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