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Officer shares story of drunk driving crash in hopes of preventing others

A Minneapolis police officer knows about the dangers of drunk driving first hand.

MINNEAPOLIS - On average law enforcement in Minnesota makes almost four DUI arrests an hour on Super Bowl Sunday. 3.7 to be exact.

That is only second to New Year’s Eve which is 3.9 per hour. For more than 20 years Minneapolis Police Sergeant Catherine Michal has worked in law enforcement.

She now works as one of the public information officers with the department.

"The consequences, you can't take them back," she says. In 2006 her 16-year-old daughter Deanna was killed by a drunk driver while heading home on I-494 one October night.

"I thought that the state patrol had mis-ID'd the person that was dead. I thought she gave her driver's license to a friend. Nobody wants to believe their child has been killed."

Troopers say a drunk driver hit a concrete barrier and knocked it in to Deanna’s lane then Deanna's car hit the barrier. Shortly after, a semi-truck came from behind hitting her car and killing her.

"I remember back to that night, when I got that phone call and I was told my daughter was dead because one person made a bad choice," Catherine says.

Now she works in educating others on the dangers of drunk driving with her personal story. “Anger is not going to get you anywhere. There is hope in moving forward and educating.”

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