GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn.- This week is National Teen Driver Safety week, and we are encouraging parents to talk with their teens about focusing on the road instead of their phone as part of KARE 11's @eyesUP campaign.

There's a new app out there for parents called the TeenSafe Control App, that allows parents to prevent their children from using smart phones while driving.

"The parent has the ability to stop their child from texting while driving, snap chatting while driving, anything the crazy things kids do while driving, all the parent has to do is push the pause button," said Teen Safe CEO Ralph Acosta.

Acosta says more than 1-million parents have turned to the app to help with the fight against distracted driving and of course to keep tabs on their teens. Parents like this app because not only can they pause it while their teen is driving but also during family meals, and study time! The app is available right now in the app store for 10 dollars.