GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. - When you talk to HealthPartners registered dietitian Gina Houmann about what we all need to be eating more of, you’ll hear the words “fruits” and “veggies” come up a lot.

So, how do we make sure we're getting enough of them? She has a general rule for you to follow.

“A quarter of your plate is going to be your protein food, whether that be like chicken or fish,” Houmann says. “A quarter of your plate is going to be grains, preferably whole grains. Whether it be brown rice, or whole grain pasta or a whole grain dinner roll,” she adds. “Then really the other half of your plate should focus on vegetables and then incorporate fruits in there as well.”

Houmann says the ideal portion size for you depends on your height, weight and activity level, so guys do generally tend to eat more than women.

When talking about nutrition Houmann says to be careful of those sports drinks out there.

“The majority of people don't need sports drinks, they really are beneficial for elite athletes and those people who are really doing high-intensity exercises for like 90 minutes or more,” Houmann says.

She says they are usually packed full of sugar, calories and caffeine, and water will keep you hydrated just fine.