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Twin Cities appear on list of healthiest cities in America

Two cities in Wisconsin also show up on the list.
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Downtown Minneapolis

MINNEAPOLIS — Minneapolis and St. Paul are both listed in 2019's Healthiest Cities in America, according to a study from WalletHub.

Minneapolis comes in at 12 on the list, which starts with San Franciso at the top spot.

Some factors that WalletHub used to determine rankings are cost of medicial visits, fruit and vegetable consumption and fitness clubs per capita. 

Here are the top 12 healthiest major cities in America, according to WalletHub

1. San Franciso, Calif. 

2. Seattle, Wash. 

3. San Diego, Calif. 

4. Portland, Ore.

5. Washington, D.C. 

6. New York, N.Y.

7. Denver, Colo. 

8. Honolulu, Hawaii

9. Scottsdale, Ariz. 

10. Irvine, Calif. 

11. Burlington, Vt. 

12. Minneapolis, Minn. 

St. Paul does appear on the list of 174 cities across the country, but does not show up until spot 44. 

Madison, Wisc. has a place in between Minneapolis and St. Paul on the list of healthiest cities. Madison sits at spot 31. 

Madison appears again in the study in a four-way tie for most dietitians and nutritionists per capita. The tie is between Madison, Fargo, N.D., Sioux Falls, S.D. and Omaha, Neb. 

Madison and Milwaukee, Wisc. are both listed as having some of the highest costs for medical visits in the country. 

According to WalletHub, these are the 10 least healthy major cities in America. 

1. Brownsville, Tex. 

2. Laredo, Tex. 

3. Gulfport, Miss. 

4. Shreveport, La. 

5. Huntington, W.V. 

6. Fort Smith, Ark. 

7. Augusta, Ga. 

8. Memphis, Tenn.

9. Detroit, Mich. 

10. Montgomery, Ala. 

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